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(Some of these are affiliate links. If you use these links I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks!)
Embracing Imperfections Vol 3 I didn't plan on becoming an international best-selling author but well ... when you have a story to tell that can change lives you have to tell the story! This is an amazing compilation of stories from women around the world overcoming the obstacles before them. I am honored to have been allowed to contribute my own personal story of battling depression and other health issues along with solutions and steps you can take if you find yourself in a similar position.
RISE If you are trying to plan your days for high efficiency and make sure you are not just sleeping but getting good sleep this is the app for you! Give it a try for 30 days and I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do! 
Beautycounter This was the only skincare and makeup I could trust for a long time. Once I found out I was allergic to Methylisothiazolinone I was terrified of anything except water. The products are lush and make you feel like a million bucks! I wish they shipped internationally!
Public Goods - Not quite as strict as Beautycounter however if you would like to support a company with cleaner products that doesn't break the budget this is a great place to start.
NSPRE - This is a super fun tech company to support and be involved with. Check out their blue blockers and sunglasses with Bluetooth and a mic built into the frames.
Mondee - Get exclusive access to members-only pricing up to 60% below other travel sites!
HelloTalk - Learn a new language by talking to people all around the world for free!
Odysee - If you're looking for a YouTube alternative here it is! Watch and post videos without the censorship and earn crypto in the process! 
Nowsite - If you'd like a personalized AI assistant to support your business, build your website, handle your social media, and build your contact list. This just might be what you're looking for! 
BeeKonnected - Stop paying for Zoom because you need to host hour-long meetings, webinars, etc when you can get 90 minutes for free and so much more! Host meetings, webinars, and other virtual events live stream to Facebook, Twitch, Youtube and more. You can even record them with better tools for interaction, monetization, and reach through the BeeKonnected social media and streaming platform.
OWWLLShare your expertise! Use my invitation code "KM302156" for exclusive access and a $10 credit to call any of the experts you'd like as you learn how to use the platform to monetize your genius!
Influencer Soft - This site was built on InfluencerSoft and I love it! Everything is here that I need. CRM, landing pages, funnels, calendars, even surveys, and more! Check it out for yourself. Reach out if you need any help navigating the system. 
Plann That Plan and auto-post your social media ahead of time. Get suggestions for content and scheduling across multiple platforms.
Quickbooks Save 50% when you use my link! Easy accounting, mileage tracking, and invoicing for your business!
Beacons Hands down the best link in bio site! It has so many features if you aren't ready to build your own website definitely check it out.
Polywork - Join me on Polywork for collaborations
(This is not financial advice just some apps I love using, as always do your own research!)
American Express Blue Business Cash Card An easy way to start your business credit! Apply now and you could earn a welcome bonus! 
Fold - Get the Fold Card and earn free satoshis by spinning daily, shopping through the app, using your card, and from referring your friends to do the same! 
Webull - Get free stocks when you open your account! Let me know if you need any help getting set up. Webull can be a fun way to learn about investing if you're new to the stock market.
Bubblehouse - A great space for creatives to share their work and turn images into NFTs that can be purchased without learning about crypto.
Subs - Another amazing site full of gorgeous photography that you can purchase!
Foap - A fun place for photographers to share and sell their work as well as enter fun contests.
YouTube - For some relaxing beach vibes, yummy food, and other cool travel videos
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